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Congratulations to our Tuttotondo technicians who completed the certification for COOL-FIT ABS Plus in Schaffhausen, Switzerland

What is COOL- FIT ABS Plus?    These pre-insulated plastic pipe and fittings are used exclusively in secondary cooling and refrigeration systems operated with brine or glycol solutions.  The technology is based on proven and cold-shock resistant ABS pipes and fittings, which are insulated with high-quality PUR foam and a UV-resistant outer jacket. The smooth inner surface of the ABS pipe ensures minimal pressure loss, while low energy consumption is achieved via the lowered thermal conductivity of the insulated plastic piping.  Installation is quick and easy due to the 3-in-1 construction. COOL-FIT is ideal for use in cold storage, in food and beverage production, as well as for process cooling in industrial cooling water systems or in data centers. 

This is another example of how our team is continuously growing its capabilities to offer our valued customers! 

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